Buy and Hold Real Estate Investor Financing

Real Estate Investor FinancingNow is a great time to invest in: single family, two to four unit buildings, condominiums and town homes as well as multifamily apartment buildings. For Real Estate Investors who are operating as a business buying residential properties to hold and profit from the positive cash flow, there are only limited financing options available. There are now programs available to you. For conventional residential one to four unit properties the standard conventional guidelines through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac limits a borrower to only have four properties financed, including their owner occupied home.There is a great solution for you. Even while conventional financing guidelines severely limit who can qualify (and this has only gotten worse in the past few years) there has been a rise in portfolio lenders that will lend on residential investment properties with similar guidelines as commercial apartment financing. This is great news for the those in the business of owning and managing their own portfolio of rental property. Here are a two examples that were not often available even a few months ago.Blanket FinancingLike all options discussed in this article this financing is for business entities, and not for individual borrowers (sole proprietors). This is to make sure the lenders are not violating any residential lending laws meant to protect consumers as the purchase and finance their owner occupied homes. Inherently these collateral must always be non-owner occupied and used for investment and business purposes. Understanding this, it is natural that any blanket mortgage must cover at least five units. Anything less would not be considered commercial lending.What is a Blanket Loan?A blanket loan is where two or more buildings are encumbered and used as collateral for one loan. In other words one mortgage can cover two properties or one hundred properties versus two to one hundred loans. Could you imagine being a small business owner with fifteen or more projects that you own and are holding that each have separate loans. Generally, they are like buildings in a relatively close proximity, but that is not always mandatory. For the Entrepreneur who seek to buy and hold multiple properties for long terms the blanket loan could be a great option. Additionally, it may actually cost less even though there are not many programs available for these small business owners.No Seasoning Cash Out RefinanceThe term “seasoning” in the mortgage world means how long an owner has owned the specific property. The general guidelines for conventional lenders is that a property must be “seasoned” or owned for at least one year before they will use the current apprised value versus the acquisition costs. For example if the purchase price was $50,000 and the appraised value is $100,000 the maximum loan would be 75% of the purchase price or $32,500. With no seasoning requirement, the loan amount would be 75% of $100,000 or $75,000. This allows the investor to buy and hold plus get an immediate profit. This allows the investor to have similar immediate return as a flipper yet they still own the property with all the benefits of the cash flow. This works on small transactions as low as seventy-five thousand dollars to as high as multi-million dollar commercial apartment buildings.No Seasoning Cash Out Blanket LoanFinally there is the ability to use both of these strategies simultaneously. This offers the businessmen to access cash in their real estate portfolio they would not have access to with any conventional funding programs.These are just two financial options that can help the small business real estate investor succeed when they choose to own to rent or buy and hold their properties for long term cash flow and equity building.

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There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.


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Use the Winter to Improve the Inside of Your House: Find Inspiration at Your Home Improvement Center

It is a well known fact that summer is the best season for improving your home. That is a very common belief because during that time of the year people do not depend on the weather. There is no snow or constant rain falls, it is not cold so repairing your home outside is not difficult. All this is very true but everyone should be aware that even during the winter they are able to improve their homes. The winter is the perfect time for that because in order to renew the inside of your home you do not depend on the weather. In this way, you do not have to wait for the summer to do all the things you want to for your house or flat.For people the most important thing for happy existence is the environment. Home is the place you come to from a long and tiring day at work. It is the place where you have to relax and regain your strength, where you have to feel calm and happy. That is the reason why your home has to be an inspiration, it has to represent the way you feel, the way you want to feel, it has to give you comfort and an environment to feel happiness. How to accomplish all that?There is a huge variety of products in the market and very often it is very hard to choose the right set. That is why Bilka offers so much. At the home improvement centre there you are able to see different options of how to furnish your home, how to combine objects and you are able to consult specialists on what is the best solution for you. There you can find inspiration and make your home a wonderful place that makes you feel good and actually reflects your personality. In the home improvement centre, you can find yourself. There is such a big variety of products that can satisfy the needs of every single customer. Another important thing for a home is to make you feel warm and welcome, in order to do that sometimes you have to search in many different places. That is another reason why you should come to Bilka, because there you can find what you are looking for and you can find it all in one place. You may think that that is impossible, but it isn’t, you should come and make sure yourself! I can assure you that you will not regret it, as in the home improvement centre you will find what you are looking for, the best expression of yourself in furniture, without losing time and efforts.

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